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Replacing the Pollen Filter in Honda Civic 2.2 CTDi

:: Honda Civic, Pollen Filter

The previous owner of our car also owned a dog; which, from how the car smelt when we saw it in the showroom (admittedly before it had spruced up for sale), seemed to travel quite a lot in it.

It’s now autumn... and the car needs heating up. And the windscreen needs demisting. Which involves warming up air that has to go past the cabin pollen filter, which imbues it with a canine whiffiness.

Time to change the Pollen Filter!

See what ’ s going on in Racket DB

:: racket

I’m investigating “racquel”, a package that provides: “an object/relational mapper for Racket.”

It generates SQL in the background in order to persist (and recover) Racket objects. And I want to see what this is. The connection? objects returned by mysql-connect and other ...-connect functions have a debug method upon them. This sets a DEBUG? flag which causes debug to be printed out on the current error port:


:: recipe, German, cake

Bear with me... this is my first post in Frog’s “scribble” format... so you will see it published and republished as I get my head around it.

A slice of
Gugelhupf (and I'm going to need a food photography course!)

Anne has a earthenware Gugelhupf mould (form?) and when we were last at the German Deli (Hansel & Pretzel – worth a visit if you’re within striking distance of Ham/Richmond) there were some at the counter.

“Ah, but we have the means to make this at home, we should try to make it ourselves”, thought I.

And so I did. (We didn’t feel too bad about not buying their cake, since we had also stocked up with all sorts of sausages and other German goodness).

I have cooked this cake twice (so far)... once at the weekend for friends, and because it was so splendid, again tonight for my work colleagues.

Random Aikido Exercises

:: ki aikido, aikido

I came up with a little program when I was training students for their 3rd Dan gradings at Bloomsbury Ki Club. I think it does a very good job of keeping the fitness of both “trainees” and Ukes at an appropriately high level. I’ve converted it to a web-page thingy, so you can use and tailor it for your own purposes.

Enough Faff!

:: frog


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!

My new Frog Blog is installed, and I’m just going to get on with posting… polish, CSS, all that other stuff can be done later.

So again, 1000 welcomes and get reading!